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Upcoming Events


  1. New participants for;

  2. 6 months intensive full time Diploma Nursery Foundation (birth to 6 yrs) program. Application from June. Course starts in Oct. 2017.

  3. One year part time diploma programme Oct. 2017 – July 2018. Forms are available at N10,000.

  4. The annual 10 day Montessori workshop – Nursery foundation (birth to 6 yrs). Highlight phonics and reading, write lesson objectives and success criteria. Facilitator Mrs. I.A. Olaniyan, M.A. Education University of Leicester.

Qualified Teachers Status Middle Leader Certificate from National Teachers College, M.A. French, B.A. French from Unilag and NCE.

Cost – N70,000

  1. Advanced 10 day Montessori workshop 6-12 yrs (only for those who have had the Nursery Foundation Certificate).

Cost – N100,000

All 14th – 25th Aug. 2017.

  1. Purchase of all Montessori books published by the Centre for children as shown in the advert on the basis of first come first serve.

  2. Orders for the Montessori didactic materials can also be entertained.


    Register online now for any of the courses above by clicking here