Certified Nursery Assistant

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  • To observe
  • To learn when and how to intervene or not.
  • To acquire the ability to allow the children to become independent through activities. Any unnecessary help is a hinderance to development.
  • To gain knowledge of Montessori freedom and discipline.
  • To learn how to gain the children’s trust and attention.
  • To learn how to structure the environment to meet the present need of individual child.


Course Outline

  • Introduction to Montessori method
  • The role of the directress
  • The role of the assistant, with special attention given to the place of development and writing.
  • Movement
  • Play
  • The prepared environment
  • Independence/Freedom/Discipline
  • Observation
  • Preparing the child for later activity in Mathematics
  • Toilet training


Assessment and Examination

Course assignments count towards individual final result. This is made up of written assignments, written tests on Montessori theory and practical subjects, practical and oral examination on the use of some didactic materials already introduced and teaching practice.


Programme Schedule

  • Course Duration – 12 weeks
  • 60 hours of lecture
  • 8 hours of observation in a recognized Montessori school.


Lecture Periods

Tuesdays and Thursdays. 3pm – 6pm

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