Diploma Elementary/Primary

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Unlike the child from age 0-6 years who is limited to the workd, the child of the second period is given the universe. Here the course content for participants is very advanced to meet the needs of the children. Schedule is divided into 5-course books made up of th following.

  • Philosophy/Psychology/Principles – The child of the 2nd period and characteristics
  • Mathematics – From the decimal system to long multiplication, long division, fraction, decimal, square root and Geometry
  • Language – Through grammar to 8 parts of speech, on to tenses, comprehension, composition to and analysis.
  • Cosmic Education – working through all the elements in the universe
  • Science – from rock, sand, minerals, electricity, sound and light
  • Psychology


Assessment and Examination

The same procedure holds for this programme as for the Nursery Diploma, both for the part-time and long distance participants. Long distance participants are advised to consult the Centre or their personal tutors in case of any difficulty.

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