Nursery Foundation (birth – 6 years)

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Course Content

  • Thorough understanding of Montessori Educational Philosophy and Principles
  • Understanding child psychology (developmental stages and bonding)
  • Understanding other educators’ views as compared to Montessori’s view
  • Special Education needs and remedies
  • Human tendencies and manifestations
  • Aesthetics subjects (Arts and Music)
  • Management (setting up a school, notes of lesson, recording etc)
  • Familiarity with the Montessori Didactic materials
  • Thorough understanding of the curriculum areas needed to teach children in the Nursery school
  • Understanding children through experience gained from observation
  • Making of materials
  • Observation and practical teaching


Assessment and Examination

Participants are to complete all written assignments given by each lecturer in the different curriculum areas. This will be marked and will be part of the final assessment. Students are to sit for the first semester examination before the finals and must have undergone teaching practice (3 weeks) and practical examination.


Written examination are in 3 papers

a. Philosophy, Psychology and Principles

b. Practical Life and Sensorial

c. Language, Mathematics and Cultural Subjects


All long distance participating students are to undergo all that have been enumerated for part-time students except teaching practice. They are mandated to attend a workshop before their final examination.


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