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Montessori Diploma for Children Birth- 6 years

Online course will be based on the six areas of the Montessori Education


  1. Principle and Philosophy
  2. Practical Life Exercise
  3. Sensorial Education
  4. Language/Literacy
  5. Mathematics/Numeracy
  6. Cultural subjects

For each of the above when online lectures and demonstration is completed online examinations will follow and a certificate issued for the particular subject. Diploma certificate will only be issued on completion of all the six areas listed above and final examination on all that has been taught and learnt.





The main purpose of the Online Course are as follows:


  1. To give each student the opportunity to be well grounded in each curriculum area through the lectures and presentation.
  2. To help students attend to each part of the lecture given at their own leisure but keeping the duration of each topic online in mind.
  3. No topic will be less than 45 minutes; student will be given the time of each topic to be handled next, at the end of each lecture and presentation. No topic can be completed in one lecture; this is why the instructor must break it down for easy understanding. Sometimes a topic may run into another e.g Absorbent Mind may run into Sensorial Education, while Absorbent Mind might be thoroughly explained from the Psychic Embryo.
  4. Lectures will vary, while the Principles and Philosophy of the method will be made up of lectures (audio): all others will first start with the theory part (audio) followed by the presentation of materials which will be audio & video. The instructors may give you assignments which will be adequately dealt with before the next lesson commences, or the instructor may request you to forward the answer to the assignment to his/her email.
  5. Each instructor will inform you on how to carry out communication with him/her after lecture: This is strictly personal but official.
  6. Recommended books for reading:- It will be quite impossible to give all the information needed during a lecture. In the download and through the lecture, the instructors will give you the names of the relevant books for reference.

Tentative Time Table


10 – 10:45 Am

3 – 3:45 Pm


Principles and Philosophy

Practical Life Exercises



Cultural Subject


Sensorial Education

Language /Literacy


For further enquiries e-mail