Our Books Store, Publications and Other Montessori Didactic Materials

Montessori Materials and Montessori Books

The Centre for Montessori Education advocates the use of montessori materials in all schools by making the materials affordable in Nigeria. CME does not belive in carrying coal to Newcastle.

Most of the wooden didactic materials are made in Nigeria to the specification of the international manufacturers. However, we import those that cannot be produced here and they are available for sale at the Centre.

We also import other educational books by Dr Maria Montessori mainly for use by students. The available Montessori books are written by thorough-bred Montessorians. The books are used in Nigeria dn abroad. There are also books are adults that will enable them understand the Montessori method.

Available books are:

  • Early Reading by Montessori BK I
  • Early Reading byy Montessori BK II
  • Early Mathematics by Montessori BK I
  • Early Mathematics by Montessori BK II
  • Primary Mathematics BK I
  • Step-by-step Learning to Write
  • Activity Book on Cultural Subjects
  • Guide to Curriculum Development
  • Child Growth and Care
  • Teaching of Cultural Subjects
  • Teachers’ Guide to the Teaching on Reading Using the Early BK I
  • Movement in Education
  • Word List for Reading and Writing Scheme
  • VCD and Audio Cassette
  • Newly released suggested scheme of work from children 2.5 to 6 years
  • Practical Life as Aid to Life



Participants can request for a copy of our educational publications shown below