Our Courses

There are three types of courses available apart from the Annual two-week August Workshop. These are:

a. The Certified Nursery School Assistant Course for young school leavers wanting to work with children.

b. Nursery Foundation Diploma Course (birth – 6 years) for all grades of teachers with or without formal teachers’ training experience.

c. Elementary Diploma Course (only after obtaining the Nursery Diploma (6-12yrs))


Course Format

All training programmes are on part-time basis, i.e on Fridays and Saturdays (as most participants are teachers in various schools).

The programme for Certified Nursery School Assistant lasts for 12 weeks while those for Diploma Courses last a minimum of one academic year and they are spread over two semesters with intern work.

Whatever the format, the content is the same and work is very intensive. A Diploma is awarded in each level of work (birth – 6 years and 6years – 12 years) after the student’s certified and satisfactory performances in wirtten and practical work during the course supervised by a regulating body.

All courses run concurrently, October – July and January – December respectively (each incorporating 6 weeks semesters)



All the courses aim at developing the students to a high level of professional competency in all areas.


Certified Nursery Assistant Course


  • To observe
  • To learn when and how to intervene or not.
  • To acquire the ability to allow the children to become independent through activities. Any unnecessary help is a hinderance to development.
  • To gain knowledge of Montessori freedom and discipline.
  • To learn how to gain the children’s trust and attention.
  • To learn how to structure the environment to meet the present need of individual child.


Course Outline

  • Introduction to Montessori method
  • The role of the directress
  • The role of the assistant, with special attention given to the place of development and writing.
  • Movement
  • Play
  • The prepared environment
  • Independence/Freedom/Discipline
  • Observation
  • Preparing the child for later activity in Mathematics
  • Toilet training


Assessment and Examination

Course assignments count towards individual final result. This is made up of written assignments, written tests on Montessori theory and practical subjects, practical and oral examination on the use of some didactic materials already introduced and teaching practice.


Programme Schedule

  • Course Duration – 12 weeks
  • 60 hours of lecture
  • 8 hours of observation in a recognized Montessori school.


Lecture Periods

Tuesdays and Thursdays. 3pm – 6pm


Nursery Foundation (birth – 6 years)

Course Content

  • Thorough understanding of Montessori Educational Philosophy and Principles
  • Understanding child psychology (developmental stages and bonding)
  • Understanding other educators’ views as compared to Montessori’s view
  • Special Education needs and remedies
  • Human tendencies and manifestations
  • Aesthetics subjects (Arts and Music)
  • Management (setting up a school, notes of lesson, recording etc)
  • Familiarity with the Montessori Didactic materials
  • Thorough understanding of the curriculum areas needed to teach children in the Nursery school
  • Understanding children through experience gained from observation
  • Making of materials
  • Observation and practical teaching


Assessment and Examination

Participants are to complete all written assignments given by each lecturer in the different curriculum areas. This will be marked and will be part of the final assessment. Students are to sit for the first semester examination before the finals and must have undergone teaching practice (3 weeks) and practical examination.


Written examination are in 3 papers

a. Philosophy, Psychology and Principles

b. Practical Life and Sensorial

c. Language, Mathematics and Cultural Subjects


All long distance participating students are to undergo all that have been enumerated for part-time students except teaching practice. They are mandated to attend a workshop before their final examination.


Diploma Elementary/Primary Course

Unlike the child from age 0-6 years who is limited to the workd, the child of the second period is given the universe. Here the course content for participants is very advanced to meet the needs of the children. Schedule is divided into 5-course books made up of th following.

  • Philosophy/Psychology/Principles – The child of the 2nd period and characteristics
  • Mathematics – From the decimal system to long multiplication, long division, fraction, decimal, square root and Geometry
  • Language – Through grammar to 8 parts of speech, on to tenses, comprehension, composition to and analysis.
  • Cosmic Education – working through all the elements in the universe
  • Science – from rock, sand, minerals, electricity, sound and light
  • Psychology


Assessment and Examination

The same procedure holds for this programme as for the Nursery Diploma, both for the part-time and long distance participants. Long distance participants are advised to consult the Centre or their personal tutors in case of any difficulty.

Admission Requirement

Certified Nursery Attendant Course


Nursery Foundation Diploma

  • Basic Teachers Qualification – Grade II and on-the-job experience
  • National Certificate in Education, Bachelor Degree
  • Some exceptions are made based upon the applicant’s experience and intentions/


General Information to all Participants

  • Participants are to complete their admission form before resumption. Each form cost N5,000.00
  • Pay one-third of the stipulated fees and obtain a receipt which entitles you to collect your text books and other materials. The remaining fees are spread our according to your financial standing and are to be paid before first semester examinattion.
  • If you take longer than an academic year to complete your course work, you will have to re-register and pay full fees.