From the Principal Desk

Many individual teachers, Veterian School owners, parents and prospective school owners are attracted by the glowing tales of the success of the Montessori method after attempting their own innovation and traditional oriented system.

Increasingly, there are reports of positive impact of the Montessori approach whose main domain is presenting educational patterns that view children as unique individuals whose learning needs can only be met in a free, active and structured atmosphere where each child can pursue his/her particular interest and learning needs as they arise.

The Centre through her personnel strives on daily basis to input in her teeming students educational values that will help create a generation of unique, all-round groomed individuals who will grow-up to bring the change that ‘of man crave for presently’. The child is the father.

The Centre emphases having the right approach at the begining to absolutely get the attention of the learner leading to providing intellectual freedom through free choice of activity.

The learning style is such that will enable the learner assimilate, acquire skills and accomodate new materials, understand style and processes without stress.

We, at the Centre continue on daily basis to introduce new course in-line with dictate of modern pursuit of the method. Some of whice are:

  • Movement in Education
  • Creative open-ended Art
  • Play as a learning tool

Students are mandated to complete all aspect of the curriculum both in written and practical work before assessment then graduation.